Here is a brief summary of all projects I have worked or am working on.
I’ll also keep the list to those who have a little more than usual substance to them.



FearNixx Gaming uses music bots for TeamSpeak from As both the team and the users are unsatisfied with the current control panel that’s shipped with the bots, we started developing a custom panel using Laravel (PHP) effectively proxying the control commands.

A rebuild to utilize VueJS for better UX is currently in the works.
The source can be found on Gitlab.


TeamSpeak lacks functionality for automation and customization in general. And while many user scripts and APIs allow scripts or applications to communicate with and control a TeamSpeak server, that still did not quiet satisfy our need in the community.

What we wanted to have is a structure similar to Minecraft servers where one can shove plugins into a directory, do some configuration and is good to go. (Why start a new application/connection each time we want to add a new feature to our TS3 server?)

So we started developing our own framework where a developer can write plugins for the TeamSpeak in Java just like in Minecraft but without the hassle of code obfuscation, incompatibilities and constant breaking changes that bother a developer in the Minecraft ecosystem.

The code can also be found on Gitlab. Additionally, there’s a Google-Presentation available in German. The project is currently running through release-candidates for the first stable release. A dedicated project page is planned.


A revisited version of the Java configuration library developed by myself is coming in 2019. It will be based on AntLR grammar and thus allow wayy more configuration formats as long as they parse into tree-like structures.

It will also offer a feature that I’ve rarely seen in the wild: Migrations.
The developer will be able to write short descriptor scripts which allow existing configurations to be migrated to a newer version.

The code will be available on Gitlab once the library hits RC#1

FearNixx – Server administration

Being the system administrator of FearNixx Gaming, I take care of two dedicated root servers where we host all our services on, communicating with our hosting company, introducing new services and guiding other developers and “technicians” (as we call the server administrators who take care of the technical side of a game server without actually developing software) through their duties.

We utilize aspects of Kanban to organize our work and keep an open-mindedness when it comes to new technology, inventions or ideas.

Under this point I can also summarize all smaller projects of FearNixx Gaming I contribute to. For example docker images, smaller Minecraft plugins, plugins for the TS3Bot-Framework etc.

Nearly all of the code is available in the public Gitlab group.


Out of the need for a bug fix years ago, it just so happened that I am an active contributor to the open source economy plugin TotalEconomy by Eric Grandt for the Sponge plugin API.

As of writing, I am working on a rework of the MySQL implementation in the background. But I also help out with issues, bug reports and questions submitted by users.

Source available on Github.



During grammar school, a friend of mine (Sebastian Paarmann) told me about a rudimentary web application he wrote for keeping track of the homework for school.

After he told me about some issues he had, we decided to take the project to a higher level. We opened a group on Github and devided the project into server, client and client SDK.

Currently the project is archived due to a lack of time since we are both studying at the moment. We remained that the project may be revisited after we graduated. The source code can be found on Github.